Program Design

Full Circle programming is designed to be a rigorous, action-oriented learning experience that helps move nonprofits from planning to progress on their impact and financial goals.

Throughout Full Circle’s programming, SVP Partners and staff work closely alongside the nonprofits, providing the support and coaching they need to be successful. SVP staff also hold ongoing check-in calls and meetings to help track each organization’s progress.

Full Circle programming consists of three stages: (1) Challenge Design, Resource Mapping & Strategy Roadmap Development (2) Connecting Impact & Financial Sustainability for Nonprofit Success and (3) Communicating Impact, Mission and Unique Value.

Each stage of Full Circle’s program consists of three parts:

  1. Preparation: First, each nonprofit receives workshop preparation materials that they individually delve into with support from SVP Partners. These preparation materials provide nonprofits with context and engage them in thinking about their own organization.
  2. Workshops: Second, the Full Circle cohort of nonprofits and SVP Partners engage in in-person workshops that emphasize collaborative learning. In these workshops, nonprofits both apply the Full Circle curriculum to their own organization as well as support the learning of other organizations in the cohort.
  3. Implementation Review: Third, each nonprofit works with its coaching team and SVP managers to review and apply learnings from parts 1 and 2 to their own organization. SVP Managers provide ongoing review and check-ins to be sure that each nonprofit makes progress in achieving their goals.

Throughout each stage of the program, nonprofits work directly with their team of coaches (remotely and in-person) to overcome their organization’s most pressing challenges that are holding it back from scaled impact in the community.