Become An SVP Partner

SVP Partners make a financial commitment that provides an unrestricted financial award to the nonprofit organizations we serve– beyond a financial investment. SVP Partners are engaged philanthropists who want to contribute their expertise, energy, and networks to accelerate the impact of nonprofits and improve conditions for all in our region. 

We’re seeking: 

  • Pittsburgh-based professionals who want a more direct and engaging philanthropic experience
  • Individuals who are collaborative problem solvers that want to explore the challenges that our region’s most innovative and impactful nonprofits experience 
  • People who have skills to share and want to have a meaningful impact on the Pittsburgh community 

Tiers of Partnership

SVP Partner: Coach

The Coach tier of partnership follows the original model designed by Social Venture Partners Pittsburgh and is the suggested level of partnership to ensure the nonprofits in the Full Circle program receive the best coaching and support available. 

As a coaching SVP Partner, you make a minimum financial contribution of $1,000 to SVP and participate in the Full Circle Accelerator cohort each year. You will be partnered with one non-profit per cohort, which allows you to build a strong relationship with the cohort participants and provide one-on-one coaching for maximum impact.  

Great opportunity for:  

  • SVP Partners who can make the time commitment to participate in Full Circle
  • SVP Partners who want to give back to the Pittsburgh community through skills-based volunteering 
  • SVP Partners who are passionate about direct impact via coaching and are energized by building relationships and working collaboratively with leaders across the city


SVP Partner: Consult

The Consultant tier is ideal for Pittsburgh professionals who want to contribute to SVP by being a partner, but cannot make the time commitment to coach the Full Circle Accelerator program. 

As a consulting SVP Partner, you make a minimum financial contribution to SVP of $2,000 and participate in the cohorts by providing 1 or more specialty area consulting sessions, office hours, or workshops for organizations in the Full Circle program seeking specific guidance in your area of expertise. 

Great opportunity for:  

  • Partners who have coached in the past and need to take a step back
  • Partners with a particular area of expertise and minimal time


SVP Partner: Sponsor 

There are many businesses and organizations that see volunteerism as a core part of their value system. Additionally, there are countless professionals, especially young professionals, in Pittsburgh who would make incredible Partners, however they may face a barrier to entry with the required financial commitment. As a Sponsor, you have the opportunity to nominate those who can make the time commitment to coaching and sponsor them by covering the financial contribution to SVP Pittsburgh. 


Complete the New Partner Form to begin the SVP Partner process. Email for more information.