A letter from 412 Food Rescue, 2015 SVP Investee

412 Food Rescue, SVP Pittsburgh’s 2015 Fall Investee, has made some incredible strides since winning our Fall Pitch. They have rescued countless pounds of food, partnered with Zipcar, launched their Ugly CSA program, piloted a food education program, and received a donated truck to help pick up even more food donations! (Check out these previous updates here and here.)

We received a letter from Leah Lizarondo, cofounder of 412 Food Rescue, with another amazing update. This is an excerpt, but the entire letter is beyond all our expectations:

“Despite major cuts to the federal SNAP program, The House Authority of the City of Pittsburgh’s (HACP) relatively recent collaboration with 412 Food Rescue has managed to effectively end hunger in our public housing communities. Historically, our communities have averaged 5 to 7 emergency referrals for families without food each month. Over the course of the last six months, however, HACP has received zero referrals for families without food. We attribute this dramatic success to the ongoing efforts of 412 Food Rescue.”

To see the words “end hunger” within a community we work with puts me at a loss for words. This is why we do what we do. Personally, I am floored by how much our very small staff has worked hard to accomplish.

The media loves the technology story when they cover 412 Food Rescue. But this is the real story. “Innovation” is only interesting because it makes previously insurmountable goals possible.

We are on to something. And we will keep on growing our impact–and demonstrate how recovering the food we waste is significantly important in any work against hunger.

Thank you for your support–for helping us make this happen.



HACP isn’t the only one who has noticed this amazing work, Hopeful Headlines featured 412 Food Rescue in a recent article, Misfit Foods Find Their Place in Fight Against Food Waste.

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