Celebrating the Spring 2021 Cohort and Getting Ready for Fall!

The Spring 2021 cohort ended on June 24th with an incredible Final Pitch event and celebration! Each organization presented to SVP Partners, coaches, and Forbes Funds staff. The five organizations selected for the spring 2021 cohort represent a diverse group of nonprofit organizations and leaders directly addressing the needs of our community. We recognize how hard our nonprofit leaders are working to make an impact and hope that the Full Circle program provides some resources and tools to support their growth and sustainability. Thanks to sponsors Covalent and Straightforward Consulting, each organization was also awarded with a video highlighting the work of their organization. Please take a moment to watch the Spring 2021 Cohort Video to learn more about the work these organizations are doing and how you can support them.


The Spring 2021 Cohort Sponsors:


Pineapple Payment

The Irick Group


Straightforward Consulting

SVP Pittsburgh Partners

and with generous support from The Forbes Funds and The Pittsburgh Foundation

Applications are now open for the Fall 2021 Cohort!


The Full Circle Nonprofit Accelerator; a program of Social Venture Partners (SVP) Pittsburgh and The Forbes Funds

Organizations selected for Full Circle will each receive the following:

• Program: An intensive, hands-on 14 week program (~15 hours/month) consisting of workshops, consulting sessions, and networking opportunities that help your organization meet its impact and financial goals.
• Coaching: Teams of SVP Partners serving as coaches alongside your organization throughout the Full Circle program.
• Network: Access to a growing support network of innovative nonprofits and socially conscious private sector professionals eager to share their skills and expertise.
• Funding: Selected organizations receive an unrestricted financial award as well as the opportunity to acquire additional funds and in-kind support at the final pitch event of the program.

The Full Circle program culminates with the final pitch event, which provides a platform for non-profit leaders to share their organization’s mission, impact, and organizational goals and needs to a broader audience. 

• Organizations that apply must be designated as 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations operating in Allegheny County or have a Fiscal Sponsor
• Organizations that apply must designate at least two leadership staff who will participate consistently throughout the duration of the 14-week Full Circle program.
• Organizations, if selected, will be asked to submit their most recent annual report and/or year-end financial statements.

Applicants must also submit The Forbes Funds Nonprofit Needs Assessment as part of the application process.

Application closes on Wednesday, September 1st
Applicants will be notified by Friday, September 10th

**All programming will be virtual in 2021.


Fall 2021 Full Circle Application

Info Session:

Friday, August 27th 10:00AM-10:45AM

Register for the info session


About The Forbes Funds

The Forbes Funds focuses on building the management capacity and strengthening impact of community-based nonprofits individually and collectively. Our work supports capacity-building initiatives for human services and community development agencies by facilitating innovative partnerships, implementing learning cohorts, connecting local talent and initiatives to global frameworks like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Bateson Institutes Warm Data Labs, and building coalitions through the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP). Learn More: www.ForbesFunds.org


About SVP Pittsburgh 

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Pittsburgh is a community of engaged philanthropists who contribute their expertise, skills, networks, and finances to grow the impact of nonprofits and tackle our community’s greatest challenges. SVP Pittsburgh’s core program is the Full Circle impact accelerator, which connects SVP Partners as executive coaches to accelerate the impact of Pittsburgh’s most innovative nonprofits. Learn More: www.SVPPittsburgh.org

Announcing the Spring 2021 Full Circle Cohort!


Full Circle: Unleashing Nonprofit Potential


The five organizations selected represent a diverse group of nonprofits making an impact on, and meeting the needs of, our community. The selected nonprofits will engage in the intensive 14-week program that combines consulting, workshops, networking, and a pitch event. The program is designed to enhance each nonprofit’s programming impact, financial sustainability, and communication and storytelling. The nonprofit leaders in the cohort will work with teams of coaches with various areas of expertise skills, and experience to develop strategic solutions to their growth challenges. The Full Circle program culminates with the Final Pitch event which provides a platform for non-profit leaders to share their organization’s story and impact in the community.


Spring 2021 Cohort:

AWAKEN pittsburgh

Awaken Pittsburgh promotes personal and community well-being through mindfulness programs and compassionate actions. Our vision is a Pittsburgh region where people are in touch with their inherent worth and can cultivate the confidence and dignity to create a more just and enlightened world.

Divine Intervention Ministries

The DIM mission provides currently and formerly incarcerated adults and at-risk youth with coordinated resources that will connect them to supportive services and job training opportunities focusing on realizing their maximum potential spiritually, physically, and economically.

Pittsburgh Learning Commons

Pittsburgh Learning Commons (PLC) is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to provide educational opportunities that break down disciplinary boundaries and relate to real-world contexts where learners can claim ownership over their education and build lifelong learning skills, and develop expertise in applied STEAM fields. 

Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank

To ensure babies in need are clean, healthy and dry. We serve babies, families, senior citizens and girls and women. We are making a great impact in the community supplying basic needs.

When She Thrives

When She Thrives is dedicated to empowering single mothers to move their families from poverty to prosperity through advocacy, education, and personal and professional development.


The Full Circle Accelerator program is facilitated by Leigh Solomon Pugliano of Straightforward Consulting. The 2021 Full Circle program is a collaboration between The Forbes Funds and Social Venture Partners (SVP) Pittsburgh


Re-launch of 2021 Fellows Program

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Pittsburgh cultivates effective philanthropists, strengthens nonprofits, and invests in collaborative solutions – building powerful relationships to tackle our communities’ social challenges.

SVP Pittsburgh is an engaged community of corporate leaders using their skills, expertise, networks, and finances to support the growth of Pittsburgh area nonprofits. SVP Pittsburgh provides the opportunity for the corporate and nonprofit sectors to connect and work collectively to increase the impact of nonprofit organizations in our region. Our signature program (in partnership with The Forbes Funds), the Full Circle Nonprofit Accelerator Program, is a proven capacity-building initiative that serves cohorts of nonprofit leaders in order to improve organizational management, program design, program implementation, financial sustainability, and increase overall impact. The 14-week program allows SVP’s Partners, mentors, and coaches to engage with nonprofit leaders to provide insight, expertise, and strategic solutions. Partners’ strengths and entrepreneurial mindsets enhance the curriculum by supporting nonprofit leaders with strategic and tactical consulting to better prepare them to solve immediate and ongoing challenges, as well as identify ways to improve outcomes and efficiency through partnerships, collaboration, and mergers. The program concludes with a Final Pitch Event. which provides a platform for nonprofit leaders to share their organization’s mission, impact, and organizational goals and needs with  a broader audience.

The Full Circle curriculum and areas of focus include: 

  • Organizational Growth Strategy
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Communicating Impact

Join the Next Generation of Philanthropy 

In order to realize our DEI commitments, SVP Pittsburgh has redesigned and are re-launching our Fellows program. We invite socially conscious private sector professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as those interested in civic engagement to join our network of engaged philanthropists (SVP Partners) through the SVP Full Circle Fellowship. Traditionally, SVP Partners contribute annually to the organization in addition to providing coaching and mentoring. SVP Full Circle Fellows are invited to join as SVP Partners with a scholarship award that covers the annual contribution. This program is designed to expand our Partner network by providing access to those who may not be able to make a financial contribution, but have skills and expertise that can support the nonprofit organizations we serve. A special thanks to our supporters to make this program possible: Pineapple Payments and The Irick Group, Merrill Private Wealth Management !

SVP Pittsburgh Inclusion Statement

SVP Pittsburgh will prioritize Diversity & Inclusion by being mindful and intentional about engaging, attracting, and welcoming diverse stakeholders. We will ensure this by conducting DEI training for our Board and Partners, incorporating appropriate and inclusive language into our materials, ensure our organization is accessible to all, and build a diverse board to lead the organization and help guide these initiatives. We will measure success by capturing feedback from Partners and nonprofit organizations as well as the community at large.

The Forbes Funds Equity Statement

The Forbes Funds focuses on building the management capacity and impact of community-based nonprofits individually and collectively. TFF incorporates a racial equity lens in our education and learning, grantmaking, advocacy, and capacity building work. Today, all services provided by TFF are aligned with the Social Determinates of Health and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to show the impact in the ten-county region. This approach requires courageous conversations, community partnerships, and establishing shared goals to not only improve organizational capacity of nonprofits but to ensure that the populations served by nonprofits we support benefit as well.

About the Program

The SVP Full Circle Fellowship will launch in January of 2021. The year-long program will provide the opportunity for those interested in social responsibility and civic engagement to bring their knowledge, skills, and expertise to nonprofit organizations in the region. SVP Fellows will benefit from: 

  • Professional Development: opportunities for learning and skill-building throughout the program in areas of DEI, Coaching, and Facilitation.
  • Increased Awareness: build knowledge and insight about the inequities that exist in our society and systemic injustices that impact our communities and work with nonprofit leaders to improve and enhance their solutions.
  • Professional Network: connect with a growing community of civically engaged professionals from across industries who are eager to build friendships and partnerships with their SVP colleagues.

Fellowship Obligation and Expectations

  • Serve as Full Circle coach for 1 year (2 cohorts)
  • Attend Full Circle meetings, workshops, and gatherings
  • Complete year-end evaluation of Fellows program for SVP
  • Create a Full Circle Impact Report for their nonprofit organization at the end of the program 

Application Process

Application Questions/Requirements

  1. Applicant short bio. (150 words)
  2. Why is civic engagement important to you?
  3. Please share your civic engagement and community service experience. What areas of focus or communities have you served?
  4. What do you hope to learn or gain from this program?
  5. What community challenges or social injustices are you most passionate about addressing?
  6. What skills or areas of expertise can you bring to the nonprofit organizations in the Full Circle Program?
  7. What do you see as the biggest challenge facing our community today?
  8. Applicants will also be asked to submit a 1-minute video 

Program Timeline

Thursday, February 11th: SVP Fellows On-boarding 

Thursday, February 25th: Full Circle Coaches Training 

Thursday, April 8th: Program Kick-off- Relationship Building

Saturday, April 10th: Workshop #1 Organizational Growth Strategy

April 11th – April 23: Team Work Sessions (Nonprofit team and Full Circle Coaches)

Saturday, May 8th: Workshop #2 Financial Sustainability

May 10th – May 21st: Team Work Session (Nonprofit team and Full Circle Coaches)

May 24th – May 28th: NPO Check in with Program Manager

Saturday, June 5th: Workshop #3 Communicating Impact 

Wednesday, June 16th: Workshop #4 Pitch & Presentation Development

Thursday, June 24th: Full Circle Spring Cohort Final Pitch Event

Apply here or reach out to leigh@svppittsburgh.org with questions.

SVP Pittsburgh launches Nonprofit Crisis Support Initiative

Many nonprofits supported by SVP Pittsburgh provide critical services for vulnerable people and communities, including food, education, and basic needs. To implement a rapid response to organizations in need because of COVID-19, SVP Pittsburgh is launching a new program on May 18, 2020 to support our nonprofit leaders. Through the Nonprofit Crisis Support Initiative, SVP Pittsburgh along with local corporations and other leadership and young professional organizations will provide strategic support to nonprofit leaders as they navigate through this crisis. The program will pair corporate and organizational leaders with nonprofit organizations seeking advice, strategy development, and access to resources in order to develop and execute a plan to sustain their organizations over the next several months and ensure long term viability. 

Through our new technology-based matching system developed in partnership with CMU, nonprofit organizations will be paired with SVP Partners and corporate leaders based on the specific needs of their organization and the knowledge, skillset, and expertise of the mentor. We know the outcomes of these one-on-one sessions will be hugely impactful, helping nonprofit leaders to adapt their operations, align services with urgent community needs, establish sustainable practices and accelerate their growth as we move out of this crisis. 

Education for Nonprofit Leaders

SVP is committed to supporting our nonprofit partners through all stages of this crisis – relief, recovery, and building resilience. In addition to mentoring, SVP Pittsburgh will host a series of webinars led by subject matters experts. Providing the tools, knowledge, and resources nonprofit leaders need to develop new strategies, implement new processes, and develop more robust and resilient organizations. The webinar education program will provide education in categories related to our priorities of Inclusion, Collaboration, and Impact. Potential webinar topics may cover Equity & Inclusion, Implementing Comprehensive HR Processes, Building Strong Partnerships, Intro to Change Management, and Impact Measurement.

For more information on the Nonprofit Crisis Support Initiative please contact Leigh Solomon Pugliano (leigh@svppittsburgh.org).


About SVP Pittsburgh

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Pittsburgh is an engaged community of corporate leaders using their skills, expertise, networks, and finances to support the growth of Pittsburgh area nonprofits. SVP Pittsburgh provides the opportunity for the corporate and nonprofit sectors to connect and work collectively to increase the impact of nonprofit organizations in our region. Our signature program, the Full Circle Nonprofit Accelerator Program is a proven capacity building initiative that serves cohorts of nonprofit leaders in order to improve organizational management, program design, program implementation, financial sustainability, and increase overall impact. 

Nonprofits prepare for accelerator program’s final pitch event

Above: The SVP Full Circle Spring 2019 Cohort and SVP Partners during a happy hour and networking event in May at the Millvale Food + Energy Hub.

While they embody different missions, the common thread amongst the SVP Full Circle Spring 2019 Cohort is a common one for those who work in not-for-profit organizations.

“With nonprofit work you think big and want to save the world on a zero dollar budget,” said Jackie Smith, executive director of Greater Valley Community Services. “And [the coaches] keep it in perspective.”

Social Venture Partners Full Circle is a 14-week accelerator program that combines consulting, workshops, seminars, networking and a final pitch event that will take place on Wednesday, June 26 at 5:30 p.m. at the Energy Innovation Center, 1435 Bedford Ave.

Meant for nonprofits that are at a critical juncture regarding their organizations future development, the program looks for applicants that are committed to achieving measurable outcomes and ready to expand and grow their impact.

The coaches that Smith referred to, also known as SVP Partners, are individuals engaged within the nonprofit community that are able to contribute their time and energy to furthering the advancement of the selected nonprofits chosen to participate in the program.

“The Full Circle Program is an incredible opportunity for nonprofit leaders and SVP Partners from the corporate sector to work collectively to improve internal operations and develop strategies for growth,” said Leigh Solomon Pugliano, Full Circle manager and director of opportunity at New Sun Rising. “It also provides greater insight to the corporate sector, the issues our communities are facing, and the incredible work our nonprofits do to make change.”

The program is held in the fall and spring, and accepts a total of five nonprofits each season. Recently, four out of the five organizations gathered for a happy hour event at the Millvale Food + Energy Hub to network and practice for the final pitch event on June 26. During the event, individuals shared their nonprofits history and the key areas they have been working on within the program. Those organizations included:

Greater Valley Community Services

Based in Braddock, Greater Valley Community Services was created to strengthen and hold S.P.A.C.E (supportive programs affording collaborative engagement) for youth, adults, and seniors in the community. Executive Director Jackie Smith said that recently there has been a disconnect between residents and the businesses coming into the neighborhood, especially with youth, and when she read the description for the Full Circle program felt that the fit them perfectly.

“We’ve been stuck in a place and thought this might be the boost that we needed for the program that we wanted to work on,” Smith said.

Partnering with the Woodland Hills School District and entrepreneurs in the community, GVCS plans to create a program that will connect high school students to small business owners who will work together to create marketing plans, websites, and eventually apps for the neighborhood businesses. Smith said the SVP coaches have been instrumental in understanding the best ways to engage both students and businesses, and in deciding how classes will be structured for students in the program.

Unity Through Creativity

The Grounding Lab, a program under Unity Through Creativity, is situated in Hazelwood and uses arts infused techniques to assist people experiencing despair and enhance their emotional coping skills through contemplative process of deep self-reflection. With 40 years of nursing experience and research, Creative Director Margaret Baco said she has developed the understanding that true healing from traumatic experiences can come from engaging in expressive arts.

Baco said the SVP coaches have helped her focus on creating a community strategy, program development, strategic thinking, and networking. Specifically, she said she has appreciated the connections between those in the program.

“We are attracting one another during this dynamic process and New Sun Rising is able to see how networking through this cohort can strengthens our capacity to function,” Baco said. “It’s an outcome that I am deeply grateful for.”

Legacy Arts Project

In 2005, Erin Perry became a member of the dance ensemble at Legacy Arts Project, an organization focused on preserving the history and traditions of African arts as represented throughout the diaspora through education, instruction and interactions. In 2011, Perry became the executive director and has continued to expand the vision and grow the organization. She said Legacy Arts Project is “not only the exploration of African art, but also the exploration of self and well being.

Perry said joining the Full Circle program has provided guidance on fiscal sponsorships and marketing, and has also “rejuvenated” the nonprofits outlook around its programming and impact it has made in the Homewood community.

“If we were to have a personality assessment of our organization, [I’d say] we are humble,” Perry said. “At the same time we haven’t done a full service to the organization in promoting the work we do or have done, and the coaches have allowed us to recognize humility and pride in the power that has been going on and motivated us to tell the story.”

Coraopolis Community Development Foundation

The Coraopolis Community Development Foundation was formed to serve its community by encouraging and assisting in renewal through community service and development projects, and Executive Director Amy Cavicchia said if she asks someone to volunteer, it’s because it’s something she’s also going to do herself.

Cavicchia has been easing in to her position at the nonprofit over the last two years and said her work with the Full Circle program has been focused on her elevator pitch and donor management.

“This program has really kept me focused and realizing what you can do and what you can’t do.” Cavicchia said. “Write it down, figure it out, do what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t do, because you can’t do it.”

Associated Artists Pittsburgh

Associated Artists Pittsburgh was unavailable during the event. Their mission is to enhance the region’s cultural vitality and promote visual arts excellence by showcasing artists’ work through contemporary exhibitions, providing community-based education programs, and facilitating a broad dialogue to engage artists with one another and the community.

SVP Full Circle Program Partners with New Sun Rising to Accelerate Non-profit Impact

October 8, 2018, Pittsburgh, PA – Social Venture Partners (SVP) Pittsburgh has partnered with New Sun Rising to manage operations of their core program, the Full Circle Nonprofit Impact Accelerator.  The program provides support for the region’s most innovative nonprofits through engaged philanthropy, where SVP Partners contribute their expertise, skills, networks, and finances to help tackle our community’s greatest challenges.

Starting with the Fall 2018 cohort, management of the SVP Full Circle program will officially transition to New Sun Rising. The two organizations have worked together to empower nonprofit sustainability and innovation since their first workshop together in 2015.

Leigh Solomon Pugliano, SVP Full Circle Program Manager and New Sun Rising’s Director of Opportunity, says, “I am very excited to manage the Full Circle program.  New Sun Rising will provide an additional layer of support to SVP and the nonprofits they support. We hope to increase the awareness and accessibility of the program, as well as connect networks of communities and organizations that may otherwise be operating in silos. ”

Each Fall and Spring, a Full Circle cohort accelerates five nonprofits through an intensive 14-week program of workshops, seminars, networking, and pitch events. Participants are paired with teams of SVP Partners, who are private sector leaders serving as executive coaches and working directly with them throughout the program.

Cynthia Closkey, an SVP Partner and chair of the organization’s board, says, “SVP is working to help nonprofits in our region increase their effectiveness and capacity, so they in turn can help people in a range of ways in the community. Each SVP Partner has the chance to engage with the nonprofits they coach, and with all the nonprofits we work with. It’s a focused, intensive opportunity to make significant impact on the problems that matter most. I find it the most rewarding way possible to give back.”

The current Full Circle cohort kicked off on September 22nd during a workshop at Ascender and includes Neighborhood Legal Services Association, No Crayon Left Behind, Orenda Health, Providence Connections, and Ruth’s Way. The public is invited to learn more about the mission and impact of these organizations during a pitch event on December 12th. More details will be announced soon.

For more details on how to become an SVP Partner, upcoming opportunities to accelerate your nonprofit, or to financially support Full Circle, please email leigh@svppittsburgh.org.


About Social Venture Partners Pittsburgh

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Pittsburgh is a community of engaged philanthropists who contribute their expertise, skills, networks and finances to grow the impact of nonprofits and tackle our community’s greatest challenges. SVP Pittsburgh’s core program is the Full Circle impact accelerator, which connects SVP Partners as executive coaches to accelerate the impact of Pittsburgh’s most innovative nonprofits. For more information, visit SVPPittsburgh.org.

About New Sun Rising

New Sun Rising  (NSR) is an innovative 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to build vibrant communities through culture, sustainability and opportunity. NSR provides programs and services that create equitable opportunity, solve social challenges, and strengthen the vibrancy of place. Each year, over 150  individuals, organizations, and funders work with NSR to launch their nonprofit projects, social businesses, and economic development initiatives throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region. For more information, visit NewSunRising.org.


Leigh Solomon Pugliano, Full Circle Manager, leigh@svppittsburgh.org

Scott Wolovich, Executive Director, New Sun Rising, scott@newsunrising.org

Full Circle Impact Accelerator Spring Pitch Event is a Wrap!

It was a wonderful evening! On Thursday, June 28th Social Venture Partners Pittsburgh held its Pitch Event for the 5 amazing nonprofits in the spring Full Circle Impact Accelerator cohort. The event was hosted at BNY’s Innovation Center and more than 110 social impact professionals enjoyed an evening of presentations from 5 innovative and inspiring nonprofits creating next-level social impact in Pittsburgh. All Star Code, Refugee Resettlement at NAMS, PA Youth Initiative, Assemble and Veterans Breakfast Club all presented to judges and more than 110 supportive socially conscious professionals from around the city. The night was a great success, CONGRATULATIONS Assemble!

SVP Featured in Popular I <3 Pittsburgh Blog

2 Women-Focused Organization Awarded At Nonprofit Accelerator Event

By Ben Wonderful / I <3 Pittsburgh

Two women-focused nonprofits were awarded $500 each at December 15th’s Social Venture Partners’ Full Circle Impact Accelerator Pitch Event. The event, held at Google Pittsburgh’s HQ, was a culmination of a fourteen-week accelerator program from Social Venture Partners Pittsburgh, a philanthropic grantmaking organization based on the venture capital model.

The night’s $500 recipients were Ujamaa Collective and Prototype PGH. Ujamaa Collective invests in the economic and social growth of Africana women entrepreneurs and artisans through a boutique in the Hill District and Prototype PGH operates a North Oakland maker-space and offers maker educational programming focused on equity and feminism.

At the event, five nonprofits presented information about their organization to three judges and to a packed room full 170+ people. Pitching in addition to the two $500 recipients, were the Alliance for Police Accountability, the Global Switchboard, and New Fear Being Different. The night’s judges were Ilana Diamond, Managing Director of AlphaLab Gear, Mike Capsambelis, Product Management at Google, and Karen Brackett, Vice President at NexTier Bank, the marquee sponsor for the event.

The participating nonprofits also competed for an ‘audience favorite’ award. This prize, also for $500, was awarded to New Fear Being Different, a media platform that uses inspirational and entertaining content to shed light on social issues and connect people.

Those that didn’t receive a $500 award were also supported. Each nonprofit received $2,000 for completing the Full Circle Impact Accelerator program, which was sponsored by UPMC/UPMC Health Plan. Also, an additional $2,600 was separately pledged by the night’s audience and spread across all the organization that pitched at the event. In total, $14,000+ in direct contributions were made to the five nonprofits.

Social Venture Partners Pittsburgh’s’ Full Circle Impact Accelerator is managed by the Social Impact business development firm, CitizenCity, and its principals Ryan Gayman and Benjamin Utter. To learn more about the Social Venture Partners and its programs visit, svppittsburgh.org.

Click here to view the original publication of this article in I <3 Pittsburgh.

Full Circle Impact Accelerator Pitch Event

Social Venture Partners Pittsburgh announces the fall Full Circle Impact Accelerator Pitch Event on Thursday, December 14 from 5:30 – 8:00PM at Google Pittsburgh’s HQ. Click here to register.

During the event, the five innovative nonprofits that engaged in the accelerator’s fall cohort will pitch how they are tackling the region’s greatest challenges to a cross-sector audience of 150+ socially conscious leaders. As the exciting culmination of the fall accelerator program, SVP will award $10,000 to the Full Circle nonprofits at the Pitch Event.

The nonprofit businesses that will be pitching at the event include: Alliance for Police Accountability, The Global Switchboard, Never Fear Being Different, Prototype PGH and Ujamaa Collective.

Registration is required and seating is limited, so be sure to reserve your tickets here.


SVP Pittsburgh would like to thank and recognize the generous support of our Marquee Sponsor, NexTier Bank, whose contribution enables the success of the fall Full Circle Impact Accelerator Pitch Event.








SVP Pittsburgh would like to thank and recognize the support of UPMC/UPMC Health Plan whose generous contribution to SVP is critical to success of the Full Circle Impact Accelerator program year-round.


SVP Pittsburgh would like to thank and recognize the generous contributions of our sponsors whose support is critical to the fall Pitch Event.



SVP Pittsburgh would like to recognize Anthem Productions for media production of the Fall Pitch Event.





SVP Pittsburgh would like to recognize Google Pittsburgh for hosting the Fall Pitch Event in their beautiful headquarters in Bakery Square.






Announcing the Full Circle Impact Accelerator Fall Cohort of Nonprofits

Social Venture Partners Pittsburgh


– – – –

Five Pittsburgh-based innovative nonprofits selected for the Full Circle impact accelerator fall cohort.

Pittsburgh, PA: Last week SVP Full Circle, Pittsburgh’s impact accelerator for nonprofits, announced the five Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organizations that were selected for their spring cohort. The five nonprofits selected for the spring accelerator cohort include:

  • Alliance for Police Accountability | The APA catalyzes criminal justice reform by implementing grassroots approaches to bettering community and police relations through advocacy, education and policy.
  • The Global Switchboard | The Global Switchboard cultivates a community of Pittsburghers engaged in critical global issues (e.g. immigration rights) through a globally-focused coworking space and digital hub.
  • Never Fear Being Different | NFBD is a next generation media platform that replaces divisive click bait with inspirational and entertaining media that sheds light on important social issues and brings people together.
  • Prototype PGH | Prototype is building a more inclusive and equitable maker movement in Pittsburgh by offering a makerspace and maker educational programming that focuses on equity and feminism.
  • Ujamaa Collective | Ujamaa Collective invests in the economic and social growth of Africana women entrepreneurs and artisans by operating a Hill District based artisan boutique and providing cooperative business support.

Over the next 14 weeks, the Full Circle nonprofits will engage in an intensive accelerator curriculum dedicated to scaling their organization’s impact. SVP Partners – leading private sector professionals who seek to be more hands-on and engaged with their philanthropy – will serve as coaches to the Full Circle nonprofits. Each Full Circle nonprofit is paired with a team of 5+ coaches who work alongside the nonprofit leadership throughout the program. Upon completion of the Full Circle accelerator, each nonprofit will receive a $2,000 contribution from SVP.

The spring Full Circle programming will culminate in a pitch event on December 14 where each nonprofit from the fall cohort will pitch their organization’s work and impact to a public audience and compete for additional cash prizes to support their ongoing growth. Keep updated with all the latest from SVP’s fall Full Circle cohort on Twitter (@SVPPGH).

Our Sponsors: SVP Pittsburgh’s Full Circle impact accelerator for nonprofits is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors. SVP recognizes UPMC/UPMC Health Plan for their sponsorship and commitment to seeing a more impactful and innovative nonprofit community in the Pittsburgh region. SVP also recognizes our venue sponsor, Ascender, for generously providing outstanding event and meeting space for the Full Circle program.

About SVP Pittsburgh: Social Venture Partners (SVP) Pittsburgh is a growing community of engaged philanthropists who contribute their expertise, skills, networks and finances to grow the impact of nonprofits and tackle our community’s greatest challenges. SVP Pittsburgh’s core program is the Full Circle impact accelerator, which connects SVP Partners as executive coaches to accelerate the impact of Pittsburgh’s most innovative nonprofits. Interested in learning more? Contact Full Circle Managers Ryan Gayman (ryan@svppittsburgh.org) and Benjamin Utter (ben@svppittsburgh.org).