Re-launch of 2021 Fellows Program

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Pittsburgh cultivates effective philanthropists, strengthens nonprofits, and invests in collaborative solutions – building powerful relationships to tackle our communities’ social challenges.

SVP Pittsburgh is an engaged community of corporate leaders using their skills, expertise, networks, and finances to support the growth of Pittsburgh area nonprofits. SVP Pittsburgh provides the opportunity for the corporate and nonprofit sectors to connect and work collectively to increase the impact of nonprofit organizations in our region. Our signature program (in partnership with The Forbes Funds), the Full Circle Nonprofit Accelerator Program, is a proven capacity-building initiative that serves cohorts of nonprofit leaders in order to improve organizational management, program design, program implementation, financial sustainability, and increase overall impact. The 14-week program allows SVP’s Partners, mentors, and coaches to engage with nonprofit leaders to provide insight, expertise, and strategic solutions. Partners’ strengths and entrepreneurial mindsets enhance the curriculum by supporting nonprofit leaders with strategic and tactical consulting to better prepare them to solve immediate and ongoing challenges, as well as identify ways to improve outcomes and efficiency through partnerships, collaboration, and mergers. The program concludes with a Final Pitch Event. which provides a platform for nonprofit leaders to share their organization’s mission, impact, and organizational goals and needs with  a broader audience.

The Full Circle curriculum and areas of focus include: 

  • Organizational Growth Strategy
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Communicating Impact

Join the Next Generation of Philanthropy 

In order to realize our DEI commitments, SVP Pittsburgh has redesigned and are re-launching our Fellows program. We invite socially conscious private sector professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as those interested in civic engagement to join our network of engaged philanthropists (SVP Partners) through the SVP Full Circle Fellowship. Traditionally, SVP Partners contribute annually to the organization in addition to providing coaching and mentoring. SVP Full Circle Fellows are invited to join as SVP Partners with a scholarship award that covers the annual contribution. This program is designed to expand our Partner network by providing access to those who may not be able to make a financial contribution, but have skills and expertise that can support the nonprofit organizations we serve. A special thanks to our supporters to make this program possible: Pineapple Payments and The Irick Group, Merrill Private Wealth Management !

SVP Pittsburgh Inclusion Statement

SVP Pittsburgh will prioritize Diversity & Inclusion by being mindful and intentional about engaging, attracting, and welcoming diverse stakeholders. We will ensure this by conducting DEI training for our Board and Partners, incorporating appropriate and inclusive language into our materials, ensure our organization is accessible to all, and build a diverse board to lead the organization and help guide these initiatives. We will measure success by capturing feedback from Partners and nonprofit organizations as well as the community at large.

The Forbes Funds Equity Statement

The Forbes Funds focuses on building the management capacity and impact of community-based nonprofits individually and collectively. TFF incorporates a racial equity lens in our education and learning, grantmaking, advocacy, and capacity building work. Today, all services provided by TFF are aligned with the Social Determinates of Health and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to show the impact in the ten-county region. This approach requires courageous conversations, community partnerships, and establishing shared goals to not only improve organizational capacity of nonprofits but to ensure that the populations served by nonprofits we support benefit as well.

About the Program

The SVP Full Circle Fellowship will launch in January of 2021. The year-long program will provide the opportunity for those interested in social responsibility and civic engagement to bring their knowledge, skills, and expertise to nonprofit organizations in the region. SVP Fellows will benefit from: 

  • Professional Development: opportunities for learning and skill-building throughout the program in areas of DEI, Coaching, and Facilitation.
  • Increased Awareness: build knowledge and insight about the inequities that exist in our society and systemic injustices that impact our communities and work with nonprofit leaders to improve and enhance their solutions.
  • Professional Network: connect with a growing community of civically engaged professionals from across industries who are eager to build friendships and partnerships with their SVP colleagues.

Fellowship Obligation and Expectations

  • Serve as Full Circle coach for 1 year (2 cohorts)
  • Attend Full Circle meetings, workshops, and gatherings
  • Complete year-end evaluation of Fellows program for SVP
  • Create a Full Circle Impact Report for their nonprofit organization at the end of the program 

Application Process

Application Questions/Requirements

  1. Applicant short bio. (150 words)
  2. Why is civic engagement important to you?
  3. Please share your civic engagement and community service experience. What areas of focus or communities have you served?
  4. What do you hope to learn or gain from this program?
  5. What community challenges or social injustices are you most passionate about addressing?
  6. What skills or areas of expertise can you bring to the nonprofit organizations in the Full Circle Program?
  7. What do you see as the biggest challenge facing our community today?
  8. Applicants will also be asked to submit a 1-minute video 

Program Timeline

Thursday, February 11th: SVP Fellows On-boarding 

Thursday, February 25th: Full Circle Coaches Training 

Thursday, April 8th: Program Kick-off- Relationship Building

Saturday, April 10th: Workshop #1 Organizational Growth Strategy

April 11th – April 23: Team Work Sessions (Nonprofit team and Full Circle Coaches)

Saturday, May 8th: Workshop #2 Financial Sustainability

May 10th – May 21st: Team Work Session (Nonprofit team and Full Circle Coaches)

May 24th – May 28th: NPO Check in with Program Manager

Saturday, June 5th: Workshop #3 Communicating Impact 

Wednesday, June 16th: Workshop #4 Pitch & Presentation Development

Thursday, June 24th: Full Circle Spring Cohort Final Pitch Event

Apply here or reach out to with questions.