Launch of Full Circle Spring 2021 Application!

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Pittsburgh and The Forbes Funds are collaborating to re-launch SVP Pittsburgh’s capacity-building program for small and mid-sized nonprofits in the Pittsburgh region. The Full Circle Accelerator Program, will address the key strategic and tactical operational challenges that nonprofits are experiencing due to the impact of COVID-19.

Nonprofit organizations in the Pittsburgh region are invited to apply for the April Spring 2021 Full Circle Accelerator cohort. Click here to apply! Full Circle is a proven capacity-building program designed to improve organizational efficiency, program implementation, financial sustainability, and increase overall impact. The 14-week cohort, facilitated by Straightforward Consulting, incorporates workshops, mentoring, networking opportunities, and a pitch event. The program allows SVP’s Partners who serve as mentors and coaches to provide nonprofit leaders with resources, expertise, and strategic solutions that better prepare them to solve immediate and ongoing challenges. Full Circle is designed to increase impact and improve overall financial sustainability. This year’s program will address the challenges and impact of COVID-19 and include an intentional DEI focus for leaders seeking to improve their knowledge, skills, and awareness.

There is no cost for nonprofits to participate in Full Circle. Nonprofits that successfully complete the program will receive a $1,000 unrestricted award and additional resources/contributions from Partners and program sponsors. DipJar, a company that provides fundraising devices (see video of how it works here) and an online giving platform SparkVirtual, will provide each participating nonprofit with one DipJar and a one year subscription (value of $450 per nonprofit). The only fees that apply to the nonprofit are credit card processing fees that can be covered by the donor.

All programming will be virtual in 2021.

The Full Circle curriculum areas of focus include: 

  • Organizational Growth Strategy
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Communicating Impact

Questions for the Full Circle Application:

  • What is the mission of your organization?
  • Programs and Services: Who does your organization serve? What programs and services does your organization provide? What type of impact are you making?
  • Organizational Goals: List and describe up to 3 goals for 2021. How did the organization determine these goals?What do you need to achieve them? How will achieving these goals increase your impact?
  • Barriers: What are the 3 biggest challenges your organization is currently facing?
  • How will the FULL CIRCLE Program benefit your organization? What do you hope to gain, learn etc. from the program?
  • In addition to your goals and challenges, is there a specific program or initiative you would like to focus on during your time in the program? Please describe.
  • Full Circle connects you to a committed team of SVP Partners and subject matter experts who act as coaches to your nonprofit throughout the 14-week Full Circle accelerator. Full Circle coaches represent a wide range of professional backgrounds ranging from technology to finance. Based on the organizational challenges you identified, what skills and expertise would be valuable for the Full Circle coaches matched with your organization to have?

For more information about the program email questions to

Click here to apply for our Full Circle Spring 2021 cohort.